Now What Do I Do With My Life?


Welcome to:  “Now What Do I Do With My Life?”

  • Do you struggle with life?

  • Do you struggle with your career?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

  • Is your life full of negativity and harsh thoughts, howling through the darkest caverns of your mind.



These are just a few of the things I have struggled with on a daily basis.

 This website is about empowering people with the tools, ideas, and strategies for discovering and living a great life.


Total Empowerment!

Welcome to Now What Do I Do With My Life. A site about discovery and self empowerment.


My first book “Now What Do I Do With My Life?” was created to help people find fulfillment, a purpose to live for. When I have something to look forward to every day, there seems to be more excitement and yet more calmness at the same time, in my life.  Maybe a better word for this would be confidence.

Note: Coming very soon, “Now What Do I Do With My Life?” Revised Edition, 2017.

Now What Do I Do With My Life? An easy to read book about self discovery and empowerment.


New Cover and rewritten content.

In this website:

I explore discover and dream about empowering new ideas, old ideas, books, and programs from the experts in self-improvement, personal empowerment.  All these I share with you in hopes that you will benefit from what you see and hear.

I believe that “Life is to be enjoyed and shared with others.”  This website helps me follow through on my belief.

Life is to be enjoyed and shared with others.

Empowering Others.

I am writing an empowering new book called “Unlock Your Doors to Freedom.”  As I blog and write about life strategies for empowerment and peace, you will find little tidbits or excerpts from my new book.

Check out the blog I am just finishing up.

It is called “Stress Kickers for a Great Life.” You can read it by clicking the picture above.  If you have enjoyed your time here please share this with your friends and loved ones.  Thanks.

May your life be filled with greatness.

Keith K Wilhelm, author.