3 Easy Steps to Happiness in 2017!

Happy New Year 2017.  It’s a time of making New Year resolutions, setting new goals and the promise of a wonderful new year.  A year filled with Happiness, Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

What’s your New Year Resolutions?  Do you want more happiness, peace, joy and or prosperity?

Most people do.  The trouble is most people make their resolutions and by the end of January, they are back to their old routines.  Does this sound familiar?

I was reading my new issue of “Success” magazine today.  As I flipped through the magazine I found a two-page quote from Mel Robbins about “Gratitude.”

“Joy lives on the plane that gratitude lives on, that grace lives on, that presence lives on. It’s not a feeling; it’s a state.”

This makes me think about gratitude and how it affects our life.  Gratitude brings with it a feeling of joy, peace and then along comes prosperity.  Is it because the first three all live on the same plane?

It could be.  The greatest thing about it is that gratitude does bring along with it, joy, peace, happiness and then prosperity.

This brings me to the first step to finding more happiness for 2017.

1  Gratitude.

Each night before you retire to the sweet dreams of la la land and the Sand Man sprinkles his magic sand on your pillow.  Take up your journal and write down a few things that you are grateful for.

This list doesn’t need to be extensive unless you want.   Write down three to five things that happened throughout the day or in the past.   You can read more about this in this post I wrote last year.                      The Journal Within Phenomenon!

2  Work.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” 

written by, Vince Lombardi

I have a friend that is a retired and very successful psychiatrist.

I asked her opinion.    “Why are so many people unhappy?”   What did you do to help them?  She shockingly and surprisingly answered.  Keith, there is nothing you can do for them.  The only solution for depressed people is to get off their lazy asses and go to work.  Hard work is the key. When you are hard at work you don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t have time to whine and complain.

Maybe this is a poor example because most people are already working.  I did include it because, in this day and age, unemployment is very high.  If you are working maybe you could do more to get involved in your career, if you are just drifting by.

Maybe depression is more than just sitting home and feeling sorry for yourself.  I am not a psychiatrist, but I do know that when you are working, you feel a lot better about yourself.

If you can’t work then maybe you could get involved in your community.

3  Get involved with society.

Give of yourself.  It could be paying it forward, helping out at a food bank or working with a local club that helps out in the community.

Napoleon Hill once said:  “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

I have done all but the food bank.  The feeling of fulfillment is awesome.  Not only did I do good but I also learned a lot about people and leadership.  You can’t help others without reaping benefits for yourself.

I have belonged to the local Lions Club, Toastmasters International, Virginia Speakers Association, and my local school district by serving on the school board.

Every group that I belonged to has helped me grow as a human being.  They also have helped me get over fears and I learned how to become a leader.  For example, when I was a Lion Club member I was elected to hold offices which taught me responsibility and how to speak in public.

When I was on the school board I held ever office and was elected to represent the school board on the county school board.  This experience had me speaking to a packed auditorium for graduation. Experience like that will help overcome the fear of speaking and build confidence.

I can’t express how much belonging to a club or organization will help you as you help others.

Read more about the “Work Phenomenon” at;

The Work Phenomenon!

Try some or all of these steps for one month and then you will believe.

Keith  Wilhelm, author, blogger.

Please leave me a comment or question about this blog post.  Thanks and Happy New Year!

14 Responses to “3 Easy Steps to Happiness in 2017!”

  1. Matt's Mom says:

    These are really great ideas. I love the idea of writing down what I am grateful for each night. I might say the same thing more than one night, but it will get me thinking. I have been working on getting more involved in the community, and taking my son with me. I think it is good for him to help the community, to see how some have it a little tougher than he does, then he can also think on what he is grateful for.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Thanks for the great comment, Matt’s Mom. Gratitude, I find has so much power to unleash the best in all of us. It truly is a wonderful phenomenon. Taking your son with you is a fantastic idea. I know he will benefit in ways you will never even know.

      Blessings, Keith

  2. Darmendra says:

    Good article although I disagree with the therapist comment that depression is fixed just by going to work because there are some kinds of depression that they need to be treated with some medicines but thank goodness not all the time. On the other hand I agree that gratitude is one of the keys for happiness.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Yes you are right on. People are very different and have many different problems. The trouble with a lot of theories, writing and studies is they use generalities. Generalities do not fit everyone.

      Glad that you agree that gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. It works very well for me. So much so that I feel it to be a life saver for me.

      Blessings, Keith

  3. Larry says:

    Keith, this is a terrific way to start the New Year. With three things – and three important things – that can make life a lot easier. I’ve recently been scouting for volunteer opportunities in town here and I’ve narrowed it down to a couple that I’m ready to pursue further. I agree that work is one big way to stay positive. I also know that it’s been a tough year for a lot of people looking for work – let’s hope they can derive some happiness in 2017. All the best, and thanks for this Keith.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Larry. Thanks for the terrific comment. Good luck with you’re search for a volunteer opportunity. Our world needs a lot more people like yourself. You write like you care very much for our brothers and sisters in this world.

      I am sure you will find more fullfilment in what ever venture you decide on for 2017.

      Blessing, Keith

  4. Shay says:

    I love the first and last ideas. To be honest, I have clinical depression, am on medication, and go to therapy so your friends comment about depressed people was offensive to me. I am not at home feeling sorry for myself, it’s got nothing to do with that. If she really understands depression she wouldn’t have said that. Like I said though, I like the other two ideas because they can remind us of what we have and we can feel proud of our accomplishments, knowing that we helped someone else in a way that they actually really needed, instead of say, going to work for a company that is just in it for corporate greed…. THAT does not make me feel good, instead it only helps my bank account.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Shay, Thanks for the honest comment. I am sorry that my article about work offended you. If you have any comments about how to change it I would be interested in hearing them. My friend can be very challenging and gets me thinking. Sometimes I think she just wants to tick me off, but I learn a lot from her and love our unique friendship.

      I am so glad you liked the other two ideas. Gratitude, I can’t say enough about how great it is. The process of writing about what I am grateful for has done wonders for my life, my stress and my creativity.

      The last one about giving to others and belonging to groups or clubs, has done a lot for me also. For example, when I belonged to the Lion’s club, I learned a lot about people and leadership. As a member I held all the different offices and each one taught me different leadership skills.

      My best to you, Keith

  5. Elisha says:

    Hi, I really like you site and the idea behind it! You also have good flowing content. Motivating people can definitely be hard, but I like your techniques.

    Looking at yourself and accomplishments is huge for us as people, I agree! Also, “journalin” can reveal a lot about one’s self, as they may not have thought about before! Getting things down on paper to read about yourself really puts things out there in a different way!

    Good job!!

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Elisha, Thanks for your glowing comments, I really appreciate that. Journaling is my favorite way to stay positive in my head. You can read my thoughts on this and how I do it at this post: Journal Within .

      Again, Thanks for the great comment, Keith

  6. Scott says:

    First of all I couldn’t agree more, and have written about gratitude myself. I believe that gratitude is very powerful, and writing down what you are grateful for each night before bed is GREAT advice! Too many people are sitting home waiting for something to happen, wishing they had more in their lives instead of getting out into the marketplace and working for what they dream of. Maybe this is because we have become such a dependent society, but that’s a totally different conversation. I really appreciate the good advice and encouragement. Do you have any books you would recommend on this subject you are covering for someone who needs help to get started? Thanks!

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Scott, Thanks for the awesome comment. Out of all the self-help ideas I have tried, gratitude is the best for me. There are others that come close, like NLP anchors and hypnosis.

      You asked about a book I recommend. Try “Stress Kickers For a Wonderful Life!” you can read it on my website.

      It is listed under the Stress Kickers Blog. I don’t have it available for down load yet but here is the link to read it.

      Stress Kickers E-book

      Best to you, Keith

  7. Hailey says:

    These are the best! Everything was s spot on and I agree with what you said. It is so easy for us to get caught up in our longing for what we want to have, that we lose sight of what we already have. Gratitude is key to being happy, but that doesn’t mean we should stop our grind! We should be happy with what we have, but also continue to work towards our goals.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Hailey. I love your comment. Glad you agree with the article. Gratitude is so amazing. The more I study gratitude and work with it in my life and others I work with, the more amazed I am.

      Also, I’m glad to see that you believe we should still continue to work towards our goals. With gratitude, I believe that most people will find it much easier to reach their goals with gratitude.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and then stop and comment.

      Blessings, Keith K Wilhelm

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