About Me

I’m a farm boy from East Palestine, Ohio.

Over the years I’ve learned many lessons the hard way and often times way to late.  keith-feature-image270x105

You need not follow in my foot steps.  You need not waste years of precious life.  You need not continue dwelling on a past of wishes and oh poor me’s.

Begin a journey of self-improvement. Begin a journey of discovery. Decide to start a quest in your life that will take you on untold adventures and bring you untold joy and wealth.

I’m loving proof that anyone can achieve their dreams if they have a little help and know where they are going.

Here is one thought that will make a huge difference in your life, “We become what we think about.”  I learned this from a presentation that Earl Nightingale narrated.

This one quote has had an amazing impact on my life and a penchant to bring joy, love and peace back into my life.   The reason is, when I started to think about new goals I’ve set and the wonderful ways that they would change my life, a ton of muck that used to hold me back, that black gooey, stinky, thick crap that holds you fast began to disappear.

Think about great things daily and you will see miracles happen in your life.  Discover a new, or old purpose to live for and life begins to blossom for you again.  Begin today, tomorrow may be to late.

“Time is the essence of life.”

Each moment is precious and needs to be treated as if it were your last.

I experienced this untimely treat with my father.  On his 53 birthday our family was waiting for dad to arrive home from work for his big birthday party.  The house was kind of a mess, because we were still in the process of building mom’s new home.  Most work was complete, but we still had some painting and wood work to finish.  This day the carpet arrived and was laying in the living room waiting patiently for installation.

That was the night we got a call from the hospital.  Dad wasn’t coming home every again.  His heart had beat its last beat.  I still miss my dad.  I am however forever grateful for the many great times we had in those 53 years.  I remember hard work farming, fishing, more hard work, big parties with bonfires and all the great party food that goes with them, more hard work, and trips to Florida and more hard work.  We had a wonderful life and I regret not one day.

Do it today.  No one knows what tomorrow holds, if anything.  Plan for it, live the day for all its worth, and go for the gusto.

You will never regret what you do, but it seems that we most often regret what we don’t do.  Mark Twain said it extremely well. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds with your sails, explorer, dream, discover.

This is another quote that has improved my life in ways I never thought possible.

Now What Do I Do With My Life? An easy to read book about self discovery and empowerment.

“Now What Do I Do With My Life?”, was a dream of mind.  Its amazing how many times I hear people talk about writing a book.  If you set a goal and start thinking about it on a daily basis, you can accomplish it.

Life blasts by fast. The older I get the faster it seems to go by.

My anticipation to achieve many new things drives me at new levels the older I become.  Had I learned these things as a school boy. I could of achieved tremendous things.

I have visions now of creating my best and most useful new book, “Unlock Your Doors To Freedom”, “Bursting Through Life With Happiness.”  This will be my lasting legacy.  It is my dream that many, many people will read it and because of it discover untold dreams to live by.

What’s your dream?

vision, discover, dream, explorer

Over the years as I think back, I have had a remarkable life.  I’ve worked hard, played hard and raised a wonderful family.  I have friends, a beautiful quiet place to live with family close by.  I’ve been on TV, my 15 seconds of fame playing a detective on the FBI Files, I’ve learned how to speak in public and have talked many times to large and small crowds. Iv’e sailed in on ocean, on Lake Erie and many small lakes. Today, I help people discover their dreams and create an income doing it.

What’s your dream?

I have many. Finishing my new book, using it to help people raise money for their cause. Getting a new truck and sailboat. Spending more time on vacation and visiting family in the south, where its warm.

Life is to be enjoyed and shared with others.

Discover your dreams, find a purpose for living, stay positive through gratitude and appreciation and most importantly, be persistent.  The late Og Mandino said that after years of living he decided that persistence was the greatest key to a great life because with persistence, you can learn what you need to have the life you want.

Get started today, explorer, dream, discover and most importantly, persist.


Blessings to everyone that reads this About me.

P.S. If you want a copy of my paper back book its available at Amazon, just click here.

Now What Do I Do With My Life? An easy to read book about self discovery and empowerment.