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As the Clock Strikes 12, will you improve for 2017?

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3 Ways to “Kick Start” a “Kick Butt” Personal Development Program!

  Personal development is a major key to Unlocking Your Doors to Freedom.   Do you want to have a better life? Then you need to work on yourself.   Today’s post is about some awesome ways to improve yourself and thereby improving your life. When things are going good, stress has less of a hold on you. Join Toastmasters.  – Recommended Follow a proven online personal development program.  –... read more

Be a 2017 Winner with Goals!

Do you want to start out 2017 as a winner?  Of course, you do! Here are 4 keys to: “Unlock Your Doors to Success!” Set Goals Make Plans Take Action Dream, Explore, and Discover Set goals and write them out. Then review them daily.  Make plans to achieve your goals. Write them out and review and revise them daily. Take action because without action nothing happens. The action is what makes a... read more

The Balance Scales of Life!

The Balance Scales of Life! It’s time to do a survey of your life. Setting goals, motivation and planning are keys to getting what you want out of life.  But, sometimes we get way behind on our personal development and neglect can put up many blocks to our success.  These blocks come from being tired, rundown and not able to think clearly. Take a survey of your life . Look at the things that are... read more

The amazing secret behind goals!

The amazing secret behind goals! You get what you focus on. Over the years I have had many dreams of a better job, or going on a great vacation, or buying a new sailboat.  Yet the years pass by and I’m at the same old job, dreaming about the great vacation and my new sailboat.  So why do all my dreams fad away into the dark never land of my mind. There are two major reasons that my dreams allude me.... read more