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Happiness and Relationships

Harvard Study of Adult Development   What keeps us happy and healthy? “What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone” says psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, director of the 75-year-old study on adult development at Harvard University. As I study gratitude appreciation and happiness I ran across this Harvard study. Will... read more

3 Easy Steps to Happiness in 2017!

Happy New Year 2017.  It’s a time of making New Year resolutions, setting new goals and the promise of a wonderful new year.  A year filled with Happiness, Peace, Joy and Prosperity. What’s your New Year Resolutions?  Do you want more happiness, peace, joy and or prosperity? Most people do.  The trouble is most people make their resolutions and by the end of January, they are back to their old... read more

Does “Why” have power to empower me?

Ask “Why”. Dig deep and ask “why” will this help me.  Ask “why” will I  be a better person if I do this?  Ask “why” will my life be a much better place to live if I do this instead of watching TV? But, a word of caution!!! The “why” when used in a way to discover what’s wrong can be dishabilitating.  For example, “Why is this... read more

How To Stop Feeling Stressed and Anxious!

Awesome News Readers! Learn to become the master of your time.  Learn some simple skills and you can become the master of your own life.  The feeling of stress and anxiousness can come from having too much to do and not having enough time to accomplish your goals. Could it be time to take a critical look at your time management process? A good friend and my chiropractor asked if I knew of a good time... read more

As the Clock Strikes 12, will you improve for 2017?

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Conquer Your Speaker Nerves!

  How I conquered my speaker’s nerves! I was giving a talk to a singles group in Richman, Va. It was a beautiful warm evening and I was a little nervous.  It was a fairly big group and I was inexperienced with speaking. Before the interactive speech, the group had a meet and greet type of buffet dinner.  There were a few big tough guys there making some troublesome comments and a few of the... read more

Life Discovery, Know Your Course?

Do you know what your course in life is?  Do you have goals? Do you have a life discovery plan?  Is the wind in your sails, are you on course? I joined a Toastmasters club years ago.  One of the first speeches I gave was Titled, “Is The Wind In Your Sails are you on Course?  This was the beginning of my understanding of Life Discovery. Going through life is a lot like sailing. Haveing goals and... read more

The Magic of Toastmasters !

Let’s go back to the future! Back in 1995 to be exact.  A friend of mine, Frank, and I were getting involved in a personal development program that was supposed to supercharge our lives. In a way it did, because of what I learned from The Peoples Network, has helped me improve my life, it has allowed me to meet many new friends.  Some of these people are still my friends to this day.  The... read more