Does “Why” have power to empower me?

Ask “Why”.

Dig deep and ask “why” will this help me.  Ask “why” will I  be a better person if I do this?  Ask “why” will my life be a much better place to live if I do this instead of watching TV?

But, a word of caution!!!

The “why” when used in a way to discover what’s wrong can be dishabilitating.  For example, “Why is this happening to me?”

I’ve heard Tony Robbins say that the questions we ask ourselves can make a difference in our outcomes.

Do you talk to yourself and ask disempowering questions or do you ask empowering questions?

The problem comes as a stealth disguise known as the subconscious mind.   The subconscious mind will try to answer your questions and eventually provide you with outcomes.

The problem: our subconscious does not know about negatives.

Let’s say that you have trouble losing weight and you keep saying to yourself, “why can’t I lose any weight?”   Your subconscious mind hears this as a plea for help and tells you because you love to eat that great tasting candy and you love drinking all those thirst quenching soda drinks, this is good for you.  Stop at that fast food place or get that soda out of the fridge.  It’s all good.

Now look at what happens check that.

When you want something to eat or drink the subconscious mind picks out the only choices it sees.  Candy and soda drinks.  The things you know are bad for you but since you are guided by the subconscious mind, your choices come up on the side of making you more overweight and more unhealthy.

As the New Year begins, think about asking more empowering questions that will provide you with the healthy and empowering alternatives.  The choices that you really want.

Instead of asking why does this happen to me, ask how can I get what I want?

Then watch as your New Years Resolutions begin to blossom as the year progresses.

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’ . . . ”

Alfred Lord Tennyson


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