How to use gratitude?

Always end your day with gratitude!

Gratitude is an amazing phenomenon.   One of the most powerful ways to use gratitude in your life is to end every day writing about what you are grateful for.  It has amazing powers to transform your life.

Is stress a big problem for your day?

Do you say I am not going to get upset when this happens at work, yet you do?  Do you say when that so and so comes in again I am not going to let him make me made, yet he or she does?

There are so many things that can set us off and no matter how many times we say, not today, we still get upset.

How can I stop getting upset?

I have asked myself this and fretted over not knowing a solution.

I have tried:

  • Positive thinking
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Hypnosis
  • Neural Linguistic Programming
  • Getting a lot of sleep
  • Quitting my job
  • Taking up a new hobby
  • Even going on vacation

All of these solutions have provided some relief.  Some of these solutions I have to admit, I didn’t use properly.  The problem being a lack of knowledge and persistence.

My best solution!

Out of all of these solutions, I found that I did have some really great results.  My greatest relief though came from a simple task that can be done at the end of your day with very little effort.  At least if you do it my way.

Here are the simple steps to Journal Within:

  • Get a blank journal,  I will have a custom one later this year available on Amazon.
  • Get a nice writing pen to go with your journal.
  • Put them on your pillow every morning after you make your bed.
  • Each night before your get in bed, write down several things, that you are grateful for, appreciative of or thankful for.
  • Then a bonus that helps you sleep is to make a short list of tomorrow’s activities.
  • Note: do all this in cursive and number everything. Cursive and numbers are loved by your subconscious and help your gratitude to become accepted quicker.

This may seem crazy but I can tell you from my own personal experience.  It works.  You don’t need to understand how it works for it to work.  Just do it.  It is like driving a car, you have no idea how it works, it just does.  You get in turn the key and press on the gas to go.

The Journal Within process is the same, you write it down at night before bed and overnight as you sleep it works.

If you have to know more about the process then go here and read this post.

The “Journal Within” Phenomenon.

Gratitude vs Appreciation

I have learned about a YouTube video that talks about Gratitude vs Appreciation.   Which one is better or more powerful?

I have made this video by Gratitude expert Esther Hicks available for you.  

Her YouTube caption says:

“Esther Hicks explains why appreciation is so powerful in transforming our experience, as well as how we can cultivate appreciation, how we can use it, and why an emphasis on gratitude is less effective.”    

Watch it right now or come back later.

Watch it right now or bookmark this page and come back later.

Why we need to show and feel your gratitude every day.

I was at a personal development seminar many years back.  Zig Ziglar was speaking.  He mentioned that we need some motivation every day.  It’s the same as needing a bath every day.

You get dirty every day so you take a bath every day to get clean again.

Well, every day we get dirty again physically and mentally also.

Because of this, we need to acknowledge our gratitude every day.

I can personally vouch for this.  The choice is yours! A picture from the Stress Kickers Blog at This site is about personal development and self discovery.

On the days I skip my journal because I am too tired, or just don’t feel like it or forget.  I may or may not have a bad day tomorrow.  It depends on how the day goes.  If it’s a tough day I will wish I had done my gratitudes.  If it’s a great day, then it probably won’t matter.

It’s like a huge shield from all the crap life can through at you.

The choice is yours!

Please leave me a message or comment below about your thoughts or questions on Gratitude and Appreciation.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Hope it makes your life just a little bit better.  You deserve it.

To happiness and success, Keith K Wilhelm

4 Responses to “How to use gratitude?”

  1. Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    Being grateful for the things we have is something we take for granted. Most of the time we just assume we have all these nice things and don’t think about people who are less fortunate. I liked what you said about gratitude and how we should write down what we are grateful for every night. It really would show up how much we have to be thankful for. There are so many people who are so much worse off than we are. And it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye these days. Most people are living hand to mouth, with no savings. And this would show them how much they truly have and need to appreciate that they have it.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Taking a Leap of Faith. Thanks for commenting on this post about “How to use Gratitude?”.

      Yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for and there are so many people that do not. It seems that no matter how much we have it is easy to forget about being grateful and allowing our thoughts to drag us down wanting more.

      Blessings, Keith

  2. Jagi says:

    I agree that gratitude and appreciation are two different things. Gratitude comes from the heart where we are truly thankful for what we have. To me appreciation sounds more like a materialistic view of something we have. Journaling within sounds like an interesting way to journal, will wait for your product to be available on Amazon

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Thanks Jagi for the wonderful comment. With the English language there are sometimes different meanings for one word and how its used changes meaning also. When something comes from the heart feel that this is pure. Writing about it is a great why to reinforce the belief.

      I got my book cover back yesterday, now I just have to finish the editing and submit it to Amazon. For this I am grateful.

      Have a great day, Keith

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