One major block to success!

Breaking the Blocks to Success, Happiness, and Prosperity!

Negativity is my major block to success. How negative thinking can stop us from moving on.  Is the Glass half full or half empty?  The answer will affect your outcomes.  How?

As you read remember that you always get what you focus on.

This post sheds a little light on why negativity slows down success.

I have one process that I  use daily to break through these negative blocks that keep me from success, happiness, and prosperity.  In this post, I will share with you, my favorite, and in my opinion the quickest way to breaking out of the negativity trap.

First, you might want to watch this video from Alison Ledgerwood  PhD in social psychology at New York University.

Alison talks about how people think and how they can begin to think better.  She shows examples about how the glass half full or half empty will affect our choices.


Ever wonder why you stay in your daily routine when you hate it?

Here is the answer: Homeostasis!   

What is homeostasis?  It is the process that your subconscious mind uses to protect you from trouble.  When you are confronted with a situation, your decisions are guided by the subconscious.

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.  What it does know is what is the norm in your life.  If you usually make $50,000.oo a year and you lose your job, the subconscious tells you, oh no.  You need to get busy and find another job.  Not a job making $100,000.oo a year or $30,000.oo a year, but, $50,000.00.  This is what you are used to this is what is normal and because of that, this is what you should have.

The subconscious tries to keep you close to where you were.  No drastic changes, because that would be in the unknown and the unknown could be dangerous.  Homeostasis wants to protect you.

It is what happens when people say that you need to step outside the box to grow.  Only, homeostasis works to keep you normal, and inside the box where it is safe.


How do you deal with homeostasis?

The easiest way is to use baby steps.  If you use baby steps, you are less likely to wake up homeostasis.  This way you can increase your circle or box and expand your horizons.

I have found that with this small steps approach, I can fool homeostasis and begin to grow a little bit.  Take baby steps every day, and you will see progress.   Take baby steps every day and your growth will increase exponentially over the days, months and years.

This helps break down some of the blocks that trap us and keep us from living our full potential.


Stress Kicker Blog post about life empowerment. Changing attitudes from negative to positive with a life journal Technic that works miracles.

Journal Within!  Easy!

Another of my favorite “blockbusters”, is to do what I call, “Journal Within.”

I have been using my Journal Within process for several years now and the results are amazing.

When I get stuck in negative thinking Journal Within is my way out.


What does it do for me?

The number one benefit is the way it changes my attitude towards life, work, and my future.  It seems to turn my negativity around and allows the positive side of life to blossom.

There is a Law from the Law of Attraction that says we get what we focus on.  If you focus on the negativity in your life, you will get more of it.  If you focus on the positive things in your life you will get more of the positive things in your life.


The Journal Within process turns your negativity around.

It’s easy.  Before you go to bed grab a pen and a blank journal.  Each night, write down a few things that you are grateful for, appreciative of and thankful for.  Yes, it’s that easy.

If you are interested in this process click on this link to read my post explaining it in more detail.


Journal Within!  Easy!

Journal Within turns your negativity around fast and easy.

This has helped me deal with life’s crap more than any other one thing I have tried.  It is a simple way to expand your comfort zone and begin to step out of the box.  It fools homeostasis and allows your subconscious to begin breaking do old limiting beliefs.  It will do this even if you don’t know what your limiting beliefs are januvia 100 mg tablet.

When you are working with Gratitude, Appreciation, and Thankfulness, your attitude improves very quickly.  With “Journal Within” you begin to change your focus from all the negative crap, life likes to make you think you deserve, to what you would like to have.

Would you like to be more positive, energetic, loving, successful, prosperous?

Begin your Journal Within program tonight.  It’s Easy!


Journal Within has had a tremendous affect on my life and I hope that it does for you also.

Please leave me a comment about how it has helped you.

To  Peace, Love, Tranquility, Happiness, Prosperity and everything great,   Keith K Wilhelm

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