Stress Kickers for a Great Life!

Stress Kickers for a Great Life!

by Keith K Wilhelm

Yes, you can have more happiness, joy, and peace in your life.  Yes, you can have energy levels that will skyrocket you out of this world.  Sleep will again caress your eyelids and take you to that restful place where your dreams can once again take you off to wonderland.  As the glistening sun begins to rise you’ll be energized, bubbly and ready to tackle a new day.


Stress kickers for a great life. Simple yet powerful tips for living a stress free life.

Conquer Stress and you will begin to enjoy these benefits in your life.

  •  Happiness
  •  Joy
  •  Peace
  •  Love
  •  Freedom from: anxiety, depression, guilt, sorrow, worry, hurt, anger, frustration, etc.
  •  Hope
  •  New adventures
  •  Make new friends
  •  Realize more time to do what you want
  •  Increased self-esteem
  •  Improved health
  •  Increased energy
  •  More control over your life

Stress is a strange process.

Stress is a strange process that will sneak up on you and rob you of your life. The forces behind this sometimes deadly phenomenon will sap the very life from you.  Stress that is left unchecked can

  • depression
  • sorrow
  • anger
  • jealousy
  • anxiety
  • even disease and death when ignored

Stress can even bring on the Hebee-Gebee’s.

Medical science is finding more and more proof that stress is a major factor in heart disease, cancer
and weakening of the immune system.

But wait, there’s more.

Stress can cause major problems in relationships, your business or career.
Divorce is a huge problem in today’s society. Today’s divorce rate is over fifty percent and rising.
Absenteeism at work is at an all time high because of stress and stress related problems. Stress is affecting us in many ways.

Stress is a force that when it becomes too strong can cause something to snap or break in half, be it a rope with too much weight on it or you with too much weight on your shoulders.

Life does not have to be tied down with stress.

You have many choices when dealing with your stressful situations. If you can not find a solution to kick certain stressors out of your life then you can learn to deal with the situation in a way that the stress is lessened or even completely diminished.
Today’s society demands hard work, longer hours and less time to relax. Most families have two spouse’s working, children demanding more than ever with the schools pushing them to be as active as possible in after school activities of all kinds. It seems that everyone wants more and more from life, yet they are not getting the peace, joy, and happiness they want.

Time is not available to enjoy the things they have or to relax. Many people are simply too tired to enjoy life. Thank goodness life doesn’t have to be this way if we learn to control our stress and kick it right out
of our life.

Stress Kickers have the power to help you develop a new positive attitude.

Once you begin implementing these Stress Kickers, you’ll be able to focus on the greatness of life, instead of the crud.
What you focus on daily will be your life. Make it the greatness. The choice is yours.
Try some or all of these Stress Kickers. You’ll be calmer, happier, more loving and fun to be around.  People will love you and want to be your friend.

Each of the following Stress Kickers is self-supporting.  In other words, they can be used on their own without the support of the others.

Once you have read and practiced each Stress Kicker, come back and go through them again. Each Stress Kicker will benefit you in some way, even if it’s just from the understanding.  You may want to share these tidbits with a friend or someone very close to you.

Are you ready?

It’s time to get started so that you can begin reaping the rewards.  A less stressful life.
The first Stress Kicker is, “Count Your Blessings.”  Read it in tomorrow’s blog. Then come back for the next 4 Stress Kickers.

P.S. If you are having problems it’s important that you consult professionals help.

10 Responses to “Stress Kickers for a Great Life!”

  1. Andrew says:

    Great article here Keith. You’re right when you say people are demanding more and more out of life. Greed is taking over the world and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. People who are stressed must learn the proper ways to deal with them. Can’t wait to learn more stress kickers from your next posts. Thanks Keith.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words Andrew. I agree with and it is my hopes that these posts will help just a little bit.

      My best to you, Keith

  2. DennisD1 says:

    Great site Keith. Very interesting

  3. Helen Vella says:

    Love the way you write and this article. I too write about stress and this post made me smile. Great tips and a positive attitude is always a great start.

    • Hi Helen, Thanks for your wonderful comment about my article. I’ve been writing and thinking about Stress Kickers since about 1998. I just finally became serious about the writing. Soon I will have an e-book called Stress Kickers for a Wonderful Life! I am waiting on the cover to get it finished.

      Keep on smiling, it looks good on you, Keith

  4. Monica Bouteiller says:

    Hi Keith, wow… great article! Yes, stress causes all kinds of illnesses. Sadly, even children undergo stress.. at school, when parents argue, etc. I found what really helped me was learning my true ‘colours’ .. i.e. I discovered I’m a sensitive, caring person and yet love taking chances. Stress would then happen if I didn’t do enough to help a friend or family or let someone hurt me (‘Blue), but then I can quickly change my feelings to where I can let that go and so my ‘Orange’ colour would kick in. The Orange takes the stress away. Being around positive people is huge too. Also exercise is a great reliever as well. Please let me know when you have another article as I look forward to reading that also!

    Thanks again Keith… very informative!

    • Hi Monica, I can see you are a very colorful person. I love the way you describe your different states in a special color. That’s awesome.

      I will let you know when I get off my but and write another article. I am going to use the quote I saw one you’re website;

      “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Steve Jobs

      I know from experience that not loving what you do at work and at home can make you a grumpy old man. Color dark brown.

      Best to you, Keith

  5. Helen Doyle says:

    Keith, I had a very good friend who was suddenly diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. Being me I quickly did a round of my work colleagues and we got an enormous amount to get some items to try and cheer him up. (And they were not flowers or the usual namby pamby things.)

    He got a Thomas the Tank Engine children’s blow up punching bag and a kite so he could watch his children have fun. We all signed the punching bag with the finance manager signing the nose. (He was the one we either loved or hated at various times so the nose signing was most appropriate as that is where most of the punches landed.

    After he died his partner told us that Thomas was the best gift we could have gotten. He didn’t use it but she punched the you know what out of it to periodically rid herself of stress.

    I am going to search out the ‘count your blessings’ blog and read it.

    Great work


    • Hi Helen, I am so sorry for your lose.

      Death is a hard thing to deal with and understand, for me. A good friend of mine once told me this after my dad passed away suddenly. He said: “when you lose someone close to you, you never get over it, you just in time, get used to it.” I hurt very deeply for awhile.

      I replied to your comment on the (Count Your Blessing blog.)

      Blessing for you and your friend, Keith

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