Time Management Time Saving Tip.

A great way to exercise and learn at the same time!

Have you been putting off your health goals because you just don’t have enough time?
This has been a major problem for me.
I work a full time very physical job.  I run a website blog about personal development, specifically goals, time management and stress management.

I was also taking an online NLP training course I needed to start my new business of Empowerment Coaching and Hypnosis.  I wanted to build up my endurance, lose some weight and complete my NLP training.  The last two were struggling against each other.  The result, I was not accomplishing either.

The Delima Solved!

My solution finally came to me one Friday night after work.   If I hook up my computer to our big screen tv, I could watch my training videos as I worked out on the stationary bike.

Once I was home I set up my computer in our workout room, the spare bedroom, and went about studying and working out all at the same time.  This as the saying goes, kills two birds with one stone.

Now I can get my exercise and training done at the same time.  Here you go multitaskers.

Ok, you say I am not taking any online courses.  That’s just fine.  I have an alternative for you.

When I don’t have a course to take, I call up the Ted Talks to see what I can learn.  Ted Talks are both educational and entertaining.  Here is a perfect example of a Ted Talk.

Click the play button to watch.  Then bookmark the video and the next time you need some inspiration just click and choose a new talk to exercise by.

Here is what Ted Talks says about this speaker:

“Steven Johnson is a leading light of today’s interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to innovation. His writings have influenced everything from cutting-edge ideas in urban planning to the battle against 21st-century terrorism. Johnson was chosen by Prospect magazine as one of the top ten brains of the digital future, and The Wall Street Journal calls him “one of the most persuasive advocates for the role of collaboration in innovation.”

Isn’t that awesome?  Workout your body to build endurance and health, and build your brain at the same time.  Now that’s great!

Here is one more benefit of this time management tip.

When you are finished you feel great from your workout and you feel inspired from your learning time.  Put them together and you feel empowered because you are doing something absolutely great for yourself.

Do this four or five times a week and you will lose weight or trim up, and you’ll expand your knowledge at the same time.  You will be empowered from knowing you are accomplishing some great things.

You’ll be healthier and you will have more energy.

I hope this helps to get you motivated to begin your new year with excitement.

Please leave me a message below about how this has worked for you.

P.S. Tell your friends that comment on how great you look, how you got motivated.

To Success, Keith

A great way to save time is by doing two things at the same time.  Unfortunately, there are not too many things that you can do that with.

Exercising and learning by watching educational programs on your TV is easy and great one.

Another way to get in the grove is by using Brian Tracy’s Time Management program.

Click the link here to learn about it and see if it’s something that will help you.

  • Identify your 3 most important tasks that contribute the most value to your business and career
  • Overcome the greatest enemies to your personal productivity
  • Employ 7 leverage factors to get more done faster and easier than ever before

Time Management, stop Procrastination

Listen to Brian Tracy’s short video on “Time Management”

and get a “free report” on his bestseller,

“Eat That Frog!”

You can also get free information on identifying your 3 most important tasks that contribute the most value to your business and career.  Plus: overcoming the greatest enemies to your personal productivity.  Plus: learn to employ 7 leverage factors to get more done faster and easier than ever before.

Don’t spend another year wishing you could accomplish more in your life.

To your success, Keith K Wilhelm, author.

Note: This link is an affiliate promotion for which I receive commissions.  I have not used this program but have reviewed it and I am impressed with it.  I have used other Brian Tracy products and was very happy with them.

Directly below is where you can comment or ask questions.

14 Responses to “Time Management Time Saving Tip.”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Keith. Yes. Very good idea. I try to use audio in the car while travelling, but this idea is one step onwards. Plenty of training modules to work from. Checked out the ted talk. Very good. Had heard of the Ted programs but never seen any. Will check some more out.
    Thanks for good advice post. Regards, Chris

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Glad you like the idea and the Ted Talks at Chris, I also listen to audios in the car. I have about an hour each day and what I have learned on those commutes adds up, big time. One I look forward to each month is the cd that comes in my Success magazine. They have really great interviews of Successful people that are featured in their magazines.

      To Success, Keith Wilhelm

  2. Marley Dawkins says:

    Yeah I agree, I’ve always listened to audio chats, interviews and podcasts in the car (admittedly in between blaring some music too lol, and like you say, what you learn on long daily drives definitely adds up.

    Also like you say, Ted talks are always good to learn new insights into things for people too, I have shared many chats online myself 🙂

    Anyway thanks for sharing this Keith, great stuff!

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Glad to hear you agree with the daily commute learning experience. Sometimes I have to stop learning and play the loud music also. We do need variety and a break now and then. I do love the Ted Talks. I can’t say enough about them. Havee a great day Marley.

      To your success, Keith

  3. Ben says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The key to get more done is to be more time efficient and manage your time properly. A lot of people confuse being busy with being productive. You don’t have to work non-stop everyday and feel falsely satisfied with the minimal work that was actually accomplished. Work harder not smarter people!

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hi Ben, I think you said it better than I can. Especially with the internet, we can be extremely busy and accomplish nothing. Focusing on whats important helps you to be productive. That’s key.

      To Success, Keith Wilhelm

  4. Tar says:

    Hello Keith,

    In actual fact, if we wish for something, like hoping for something for the new year, it doesn’t mean we will get. We should make an action in order for it to be happened.
    I think we have to be optimistic and the urgency that it is worth doing two things at the same time. In my opinion, if we start keep doing two things simultaneously for few times, naturally, we get used to it and we feel it comfortable and contented being productive.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Hello, From what I read, you are right on track. I have read and studied the Law of Attraction and many people think that if you just think about success it will happen. Never will! After you think about it, you have to take some action. This is where the miracles begin to happen.

      To Success, Keith

  5. Dushan says:

    I never considered this until now. What a way to boost efficiency and learning. Ted talks are so easy to listen to, brief and to the point. Will have to try it when I do some cardio next.

    So true how its best to eat that frog first thing, than dragging problems out throughout the day.

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      Glad you took the time to comment on my article. When I do my cardio, I end up going over my time, because I get so interested in what I am watching. It makes the pass so fast. Its’ a great way to make sure you don’t stop too soon.

      I have just started applying this principle to my work. It really does help and the procrastination seems to disappear.

      To be honest, I never did eat a frog.

      To Success, Keith

  6. Ariel Baradarian says:

    I myself also do many of these things also.

    Whenever I’m in the car driving, I always put on a podcast or take calls via bluetooth. Whenever I work out, I play music or watch a video, or I do my online-classes on my computer. It really saves a lot of valuable time.

  7. Kenny Lee says:

    Great idea for getting healthy and learning at the same time. I don’t have a workout room, nor do I own any workout machines. But I guess it’s not an excuse not to start working out in front of my laptop. Probably should chuck off the chair and start doing squats while browsing online. What’s your thought?

    • Keith Wilhelm says:

      My thought is do it. Exercise is critical to a healthy lifestyle. In today’s age of fast food and fast everything else, people have given way to the have it now mentality and forgotten about health. You can’t have good health because of a pill or going to the doctor for a cure. It comes from healthy eating, exercise and stress management.

      You can put it off, but you will pay the piper of illness sooner or later.

      To good health, Keith

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